Monday, July 22, 2013

i miss you hubby! :(

time flies way too fast.
surprisingly, my husband and I have been part for almost 8 months..
for those who might not know this, i got married last 10th september 2012
it started since i flied back here last 10th october 2012..
Been strongly endure myself, gather the remaining strength, held my conscious level up till my max limit..waiting for this october 2013 to come.i eagerly want to see the face of my beloved..i seriously do!
yes, i missed my dearest husband damn too much..we have only been together for a solid month, then soon after i'd got to leave him unwillingly,halfhearted. with tears been running down almost everyday, i face my day vapidly.

if only we are together now, its gonna be our very first Ramadhan as a husband n wife..
it make me so sick that i can't even return home for the Eid. i need to study and prepare myself for the upcoming final exam. i'm telling you, this is such a punishment and i'm totally in grieve.
it so sad that i cant even be with my beloved one,and instead i will celebrate alone for this year Eid's breaking me hard!

hundreds of miles away from home, alone, as most of my friends bravely taking risk, took their leave, without give doubt or second thought about the upcoming exams,fly back home, well yeah, my jealousy beyond my control, yet i cant even dare to take the same risk to return, i was afraid that i'm not gonna have time to study, logically, i have a husband that i haven't meet for almost a year, with my duty as a wifey, surely i'm not gonna have enough time to focus for my exam.and wut gonna be the outcomes of my final year result?i bet not gonna be as excel as last year.

i'm not strong,i'm depressed,
almost everyday i'd got a call from my husband to motivate and encourage me to keep on moving, stay strong, and study harder. i can't think straight with me of being alone, yes, the loneliness, the emptiness totally drive me nuts. i hate being here alone, i wants somebody to keep me company.
well yeah, none is here right now, along with this country having such a hard time, additionally gave me mentally unsecured..

so now, i will just move on, study hard, focus more, and diligently walking to my success. abang, i misses you so much.please wait for me..we've both suffered, yet you still stay calm, and literally keeps me company eventhough you can't be here "physically" but i'm confident your heart and soul are both with me. am i right dear? :D

dear ALLAH, if this is the sacrifice that i had to endure in order to obtain success, then please ALLAH do grand me the success that you planned for me all way around. and keep my husband safe, give him fortune, bless and pour him barakah..ameen

p.s: dear beloved families, happy fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan, and happy Eidul Fitri to all..may happiness be ours and reader, if u r a muslim, i wishes you happy fasting and keep on doing good deeds during this holy month..may ALLAH grant and count every good deeds you are doing and forgive your bad deeds.HAPPY RAMADHAN peeps! :)